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Warranty Policy

  • We are confident to the quality of our products, however, we care more about the experience and feelings of our customers. 
  • For the benefit of our customers, we provide 18-month Warranty to the products purchased from Amazon.
  • To extend Warranty for your purchases, you need to have a registration for extended 36-month Warranty with a few information. You will get up to 54-month warranty in total.

Warranty Claim

  • If you are experiencing issues with our accessories, please click here and apply for a replacement.       

Warranty Coverage

  • Warrky's warranty is strictly limited to products from Amazon Seller 'Warrky' and no other sellers/ distributors are authorized to sell our products on Amazon or other sales platforms.
  • Certainly we cannot guarantee products sold by other channels are genuine,  therefore we reserve our rights of refusing to provide customer service and warranty for orders made from other sales platform other than 'Warrky' on Amazon.